Wednesday, December 30, 2009

maybe we should have named him jr....

Scott was such a cute baby! Davie seems to resemble him a lot & is just as cute (well maybe even a little cuter).

Sunday, December 20, 2009

darren's wedding and other festivities!

We took Tia (Darren's bride) out to lunch the day before the wedding. It was such a fun afternoon. This is Callie (Brian's wife), Karen (Scott's sister), Scott's Mom, Tia, and me. The night before the wedding; all the brothers (except Eric) hanging out a bit. Scott, Darren, Brett, and Brian. Such cute boys.
Davie and Eden (Brian and Callie's little baby). They are friends....
Typical Hill event...someone has to ridiculously pose. In this case, Eric and was pretty funny.
The most beautiful bride and groom (since my wedding). It was such a nice ceremony.

Karen playing peek-a-boo with Sarah (her little girl) behind Darren's cute!
My sisters-in-law; Callie and Karen (and Sarah). I love having sisters-in-law!
The kids in their Christmas clothes at the reception. Don't they look adorable; thank you Costco and Children's Place.
Me and my boys...I love them!

An attempt at a family picture; that never goes well....
Lily was Grandma's shadow during the entire reception. Grandma was a really good sport about it.
Grandma with her new little grandbabies; Sarah (9 months), Eden (10 weeks), and Davie (5 months)

Monday, December 14, 2009

i love my boys!

I just think I have the cutest boys in the whole world!!! Here is proof!

This is Adam's addition to the Christmas tree. Scott and I thought it was pretty funny when we found these cars carefully set on the tree limbs one evening after the kids had gone to bed.

See, aren't they all so cute!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look at this darling little outfit that my friend Cheyney sent. Doesn't he look so big (he will 5 months old on Saturday).

Gracie tried cheering Davie up by lending him her baby and blanket...doesn't he look thrilled!

She is quite a fashion diva, that's for sure!
(I actually do get her dressed and her hair brushed every morning, but by noon this is usually how she ends some crazy outfit)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

maybe baby

Adam: Mom, can I have some chips.

Emily(not really paying attention b/c I was cooking something): Oh, I don't know buddy, maybe...

Adam: Don't say maybe because that means the "no" word.

He's no dummy, that's for sure. In the end I don't think he got any chips (Scott and I were too busy laughing).