Saturday, July 28, 2007

Date Night!

Scott and I went to see Hairspray last night. I am pretty sure I was smiling the entire time. What can I say...I am musical theather FREAK!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Healthy Living Challenge - MOOLAH!!!

After some consideration and Scott telling me that $25 is too much, I have decided the the joining fee for the challenge will be $10. If you want to join and not pay then I am totally fine with that - you just won't get the money at the end. Also, let anyone else who might want to joing know. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Happy Living!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Healthy Living Challenge

Come One, Come All!!! I have decided it is time to drop the last few "Gracie pounds." You are invited to join me in a healthy living challenge. The challenge is based on healthy habits, not weight loss. By following the healthy habits rules you get points each day. At the end of the challenge period whoever has the most points wins. Here are the rules and the point value for each.

1. Get 7 hours of sleep a night - 1 point a day=7 points a week
2. No sweets except for one day a week, you can pig out all day if you want - 1 pt. a day=6 pts. a week
3. Exercise six days a week for 30 minutes - 1 pt. a day=6 pts. a week
4. BONUS: Exercise an additional 30 minutes each day, five days a week - 1 pt. a day=5 pts. a week
5. No soda pop - 1 pt. a day=7 pts. week
6. Eight glasses of water a day - 1 pt. a day=7 pts. a week
7. Eat three serving of veggies a day and two serving of fruit a day - 1 pt. a day=7 pts. a week
8. Don’t eat for three hours before bed - 1 pt. a day=7 pts. a week

The callenge will start August 1st and end November 1st. If is successful then I will start it up again January 1st. I am thinking I may have anyone who wants to join put in $25 - then the winner gets all the money at the end. I think this will add an extra incentive.

If you want to join up, then let me know by July 31st and I can send you some more information.

Even if we don't get super skinny, at least we will be living a healthful life. It should be LOTS OF FUN!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gone Hummin'

Scott was out of town with Gracie on Saturday, so the two big kids and I decided to go to Garage Sales. We were at one and Adam would not put down this toy Hummer. I figured for 50 cents I could afford to make the boy happy for at least a few hours. Oh man, was I wrong - not only was he happy for a few hours, but several days. He loves that toy so much he is now sleeping with it.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July Fever

Well, well, well... wonders never cease - we finally had a sunny fourth of July. It was a beautiful day. Adam was in heaven with all the fireworks. I think I may have a little pyro on my hands (make that two with Scott). We went to the park during the day - Good times!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Well, I was kind of hasty in my accusation that Scott lost the camera cord. He didn't - I did. Oops. So I guess it is good he thinks I'm dreamy (ha ha).

For sale!!!

We finally got the house ready for sale! We had our garage sale Saturday and the signs are put out. We will see what happens now.