Wednesday, December 30, 2009

maybe we should have named him jr....

Scott was such a cute baby! Davie seems to resemble him a lot & is just as cute (well maybe even a little cuter).

Sunday, December 20, 2009

darren's wedding and other festivities!

We took Tia (Darren's bride) out to lunch the day before the wedding. It was such a fun afternoon. This is Callie (Brian's wife), Karen (Scott's sister), Scott's Mom, Tia, and me. The night before the wedding; all the brothers (except Eric) hanging out a bit. Scott, Darren, Brett, and Brian. Such cute boys.
Davie and Eden (Brian and Callie's little baby). They are friends....
Typical Hill event...someone has to ridiculously pose. In this case, Eric and was pretty funny.
The most beautiful bride and groom (since my wedding). It was such a nice ceremony.

Karen playing peek-a-boo with Sarah (her little girl) behind Darren's cute!
My sisters-in-law; Callie and Karen (and Sarah). I love having sisters-in-law!
The kids in their Christmas clothes at the reception. Don't they look adorable; thank you Costco and Children's Place.
Me and my boys...I love them!

An attempt at a family picture; that never goes well....
Lily was Grandma's shadow during the entire reception. Grandma was a really good sport about it.
Grandma with her new little grandbabies; Sarah (9 months), Eden (10 weeks), and Davie (5 months)

Monday, December 14, 2009

i love my boys!

I just think I have the cutest boys in the whole world!!! Here is proof!

This is Adam's addition to the Christmas tree. Scott and I thought it was pretty funny when we found these cars carefully set on the tree limbs one evening after the kids had gone to bed.

See, aren't they all so cute!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look at this darling little outfit that my friend Cheyney sent. Doesn't he look so big (he will 5 months old on Saturday).

Gracie tried cheering Davie up by lending him her baby and blanket...doesn't he look thrilled!

She is quite a fashion diva, that's for sure!
(I actually do get her dressed and her hair brushed every morning, but by noon this is usually how she ends some crazy outfit)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

maybe baby

Adam: Mom, can I have some chips.

Emily(not really paying attention b/c I was cooking something): Oh, I don't know buddy, maybe...

Adam: Don't say maybe because that means the "no" word.

He's no dummy, that's for sure. In the end I don't think he got any chips (Scott and I were too busy laughing).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

we are brave

We took the kids to Target to get pictures taken of them. Gracie and Davie had never been in a "professional" studio before (if you could call it that). Here are some of the shots...let's just say I have four very high-spirited children (who I LOVE so death and wouldn't change at all)!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

happy birthday tubby!!!!!

I cannot believe my boy is FIVE!!!!! Crazy! We had such a fun day with Adam yesterday. The minute he woke up he wanted to start his birthday (meaning he wanted to eat cake). He had a dinosaur cake that I decorated with my awesome cake decorating skills (that was a joke, I don't do cakes like my sisters do). We ate on dinosaur plates with dino napkins; it was the best. We had taco salad for dinner, which of course can't be beat and then opened presents while we ate cake and ice cream. What fun!!!

I love Adam! To be honest I never wanted sons; boys are kind of gross. They don't flush the toilet, they pick their noses, and they always have dirty feet. Plus girls are not eligible for the draft (I know that is silly, but I think it would be terrible to have a son drafted to a horrible war and then killed). But then Adam came and he changed all that, sort of. I still think boys are gross, but it doesn't seem to bother me so much and it is because I just couldn't love a little man more (except for Davie). He comes and snuggles with me every morning and he gives the best kisses. Plus he says super funny things and tells me that he loves me all the time (and he means it; a girl just knows). I am so grateful for my Adam and I can hardly believe it has been five years since that massive little baby was born (he weighed 9 lbs, 7 oz. and I gave birth naturally; not by choice). I love you ADAM!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

up to? well, this is what we've been up to. thanks for asking...

Here is Gracie being know you can just never have enough warm clothing on inside. A princess always needs to have jeans and rain boots on while reading a book, right!
Davie has taken to the Johnny JumpUp quite well and the other kids love entertaining him while he is "swinging." (I keep having to remind them that it isn't a swing and to not touch him)
I was super-duper sick last week and Scott brought me home this! Wasn't that nice of him; it makes me happy every time I see it.
I really like this boy (and yes, I know that my cheeks are ridiculously huge. Alvin and the Chipmucks have been trying to recruit me for years to be their drummer. I just don't play the drums that well...well, I don't play them at all). Isn't he just the darlingest little boy you have ever seen (since Adam was this age at least).
Mmmmm, rice cereal. I am telling you, he is ALWAYS hungry. Adding solids has been a good move.
I decided that I didn't like having carpet in the computer room/art room, so Scott was kind enough to spend his Saturday putting in hard floors for me. I LOVE the result; it looks so much cleaner and the chairs slide in and out so much more easily. Plus I think it looks pretty! I love my Scott.

This is with the carpet still in...
This is with the carpet partially torn up.
End result (with dust particles flying around).
After we put the mish-mash of furniture in. I am really happy with how it turned out!

So there you have it. That is what we have been up to. I went scrapbooking the other much fun. And Davie can roll over from his tummy to his back and he has almost mastered the other direction as well. Lily got good grades and I got a good report from her teacher during parent/teacher conferences. Adam asks more questions than any person I have ever met (seriously nonstop) and Grace continues to maintain her role as the typical two-year old. The snow fell hard yesterday and Scott is anxious to try his new cross country skis out. Life in general is pretty good (except I broke out in a cold sore this morning...bummer, no kisses for me for a while).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

summer project...almost done

WARNING: This is SUPER long...if you want, just skip the long story and look at the new patio!

This summer's major project (and expense) was getting rid of the ugly, red, low-quality, fake Trex deck out back and put in a beautiful, new, stamped concrete patio. I am a patio person; I always prefer them over decks (I realize it is strange to even have an opinion about this, but if you are reading my blog then you probably know me well enough to know that I pretty much have an opinion about everything). I think patios are cleaner looking and I don't have to worry about critters making their home under it.

Anyway here is how the story goes....I went to BYU Women's Conference in April (because I am a woman...something I still trying to cope with. I will always see myself as a girl; like a 17-year old girl, not a woman. I always feel a little old when I say I am going to anything "woman"-ly. None the less, I went and I had a great time), when I returned Scott had torn out the deck. I had counseled him against doing so before I left on the premise that once started I wanted the job done in a timely manner. I don't like living among construction, especially when I am very pregnant and have three young children who like to go outside (on occasion). I knew that he was anxious to start demolition; he is a man, and I think they live for destroying things. I was worried that without proper preparation I would be staring at a mud pile for much of the summer; this is something I did not want. Okay, so I returned from Women's Conference and low and behold there was no patio and just a lot of garbage, nails, boards, and MUD out my back door. I took a deep breath. That helped a little. Scott assured me I wouldn't be looking at this all summer. I never really believe him when it comes to timeline issues. He is a Fox (his mother's family) and anyone who knows the Foxes knows they don't have a great concept of time (if you are a Fox and you are reading this, I apologize for the honesty, but really by now I would think you are aware of this issue - you are still a great bunch of people and when it comes down to it I would prefer to be related to nice, late people than mean, on-time people). Anyway, after my deep breath I was able to resign myself to the fact that I would indeed be staring at a mess the whole summer, and this was ok.

Enter phase two....the concrete guy. We had a concrete guy come and give us a bid. We had seen his work on a neighbor's house and the bid seemed fair so we hired him. He said that, weather permitting, they would come in two to three weeks to pour the concrete. In my mind I was skeptical; that just seemed too soon and too simple. After all, that would make the whole project done by late May. Well, skeptics of the world unite, because once again the skeptic was right. If you were living in Utah during May and June this year you would know that the weather was NOT permitting - it basically rained nonstop those two months. So the concrete guy's other jobs kept getting pushed back, which was pushing ours back and this whole time I was looking at a big mud pile. Uggghhh.

Enter phase three....a sunny day at the end of June. We got a call from the concrete guy who told us that July 1st was the day! Yeah! It was cutting it close. I was due to have baby Davie on the 10th or 11th and heaven knows I didn't want to be dealing with this while trying to take care of a new baby and myself. July 1st came and so did the crew. I curiously watched every step - it was really interesting. I didn't realize what went into something like this. They probably got sick of me asking a billion questions. When they were done I wrote one of the larger checks I have written in my life, but after seeing what they had done I decided it was worth it. No more ugly deck!

Then came phase four....Scott needed to put on the rock siding, install the steps, and seal the whole thing. After that I wanted my pergola built over it. It was going to be glorious and I figured I would at least get to enjoy it during the month of August. Well, phase four took the longest. Baby Davie came early (bless him) and Scott's work became crazy busy all at once. July was basically gone before anything productive happened. After a lot of work (seriously a lot...I cannot emphasize enough just how hard Scott worked) and a couple of months the rock work was done. By the middle of October it was almost all done. It looks beautiful. But wait, middle of October!?! The rain and snow came early this year and made it really difficult to find a good day to seal the patio. We finally did that last week (we haven't sealed the rock work yet, because Scott needs to do some touch up work on that first). My pergola will have to wait until Spring; good thing I am patient. All in all, this was a LONG project (from April to October) and I have to give myself snaps because I was hardly a nag at all; I am being serious, I was so patient. I think I was able to accomplish this because Scott knows me so well he knew what I was thinking, so no need to say it. But still I didn't say much...good job Me!

Also, I have to add that the (mostly) finished product is beautiful! It turned out even nicer than I imagined and I really owe that to Scott - he did a great job. So here are some pictures...

The ugly red deck under Gracie's cute bare pigs...

The cement truck parked in front of our house...Adam was in heaven!

July 3rd...the pink stuff is foam Scott used to make a form. This was so that there was an overhang so that he could put rock on the side. They poured the steps in some forms that Scott made in the garage. I am telling you, I am married to a genius!
After the steps are in..this was a very frustrating process...Scott would have to go into why, it is long...No rock yet.

I haven't taken an official picture, but here is a family one that we took on Sunday. You can see the rock work in the background. I will post another picture looks really good. Isn't Davie cute!?!
( You can click on any of the pictures to see them bigger...I would click on the last one if I were you!)