Monday, June 14, 2010

crisis of conscience

Many of you know we have a cat. He is a beautiful little tabby named Mr. Peeps. He is also un-naturally LOUD. I kid you not, you have never heard a cat meow as loud as Mr. Peeps; I feel like he always yelling at me. I would like to say that we love Mr. Peeps, but at this point we feel more obligation than love; here is where my moral crisis comes into play...

Peeps is allergic to basically any type of normal cat food. He can only eat foods made with venison, rabbit, or lamb and rice. Basically if he eats anything normal he starts to itch and excessively groom himself to the point of hairlessness and scabbing. Plus he acts totally crazy. The cat food is impossible to find and cost about $35-$40 a bag versus it's normal cat food counterpart at $10 a bag.

So here is the problem. We don't hate Peeps, but we certainly don't love him either. Everyone keeps telling me to just get rid of him, but I feel a lot of guilt about doing that. I feel like we have had him too long to just toss him out. I wouldn't get rid of one of my children just because it "wasn't working out." Yes, I know, Peeps isn't one of my children and that he isn't important to our family in the eternal scheme of things, I just hate to treat a living being like that. I don't think animals should ever be mistreated and I really feel that we will be held responsible for how we treated all living things when we are met at the judgement bar. So I want to do what's right, but also what is good for our family.

What do you think? Would it be really mean to take Peeps to the Humane Society and have them try and adopt him out? I think they put them down after a certain period of time and if that is the case I think I would feel terrible only because I know that no one will want him. I just really don't know what to do. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a guilt-ridden soul who thinks so much about everything. I think most people could just get rid of him and that would be that; but for me I agonize over it and want to make sure it is okay for everyone involved, including the dumb cat.

NEW INFO as of 6/15: I was wrong about the hypo-allergenic cat food - it is actually about $85 a bag. That might be the deal-breaker for Mr. Peeps.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

oh what fun... has been to be married to Scott for the past nine years! We had a fun date to celebrate our anniversary; we went to a Lebanese restaurant and then we saw the Young Ambassadors perform at the LDS Conference Center. It was such fun! (why do I look like walking death and Scott stills seems to have that handsome, youthful glow about him? Doesn't he realize I am a whole six months younger!)

Look at my super cute stars I made. It is no secret that I LOVE the 4th of July and I am totally excited for it this year; I won't be thirty-two months pregnant like I was last year....
They look so cute in my dining room windows.
Adam was showing Davie his "tomato" bugs. Those boys adore each other.
Lily received the Bulldog award at school (she wasn't the only one; there was a group of them). She was soooooo thrilled and wore her medal for three days straight.
This boy is almost 11 months old and will not get to have a bottle in a month...I don't think he will cope very well with that news.