Wednesday, September 7, 2011

good news...

...we thought we had lost Kitty Kitty in the move. We were devastated; we really liked him! Well, the good news is that after three weeks we found him! Is that not another miracle to add to the list!!! I mean, seriously. He was very hungry and ate a lot that first evening we found him. After a couple days at our new home he seems well adjusted and has found his spot on my bed again.

Welcome home Kitty Kitty...

P.S. At least now we know he can live "off the land" if he needs to...

Friday, September 2, 2011

well hello stranger...

Since last we met...

** We found a wonderful home in Kaysville that we LOVED and made an offer.
** Listed our West Jordan home for sale on August 3rd.
** The next day found out our Kaysville house was probably falling through (decided to still sell).
** One week later got an offer on the WJ house.
** A few days after that we found our that the Kaysville house was actually going to work out and we could close in three days (yipee and wow, that is a lot of packing in a short amount of time).
** Closed on the Kaysville house.
** The next day we got the keys to move in and found out that our inspection on the WJ house went terribly really really needing to have the plumming replaced in the whole house and a host of many other repairs bad (we had no clue). What a buzz-kill on what would be an otherwise great day.
** Talk our buyers into NOT backing out...twice.
** Move...for like two weeks and hire lots of people and spend lots of time doing repairs. Not incredibly fun. I think we have both aged over the past couple weeks...a lot!
** August 31st close on the WJ funded today. We are FREEEEEEE!!!!!!

It has been an emotional and very stressful month. We are so grateful to be where we are, so grateful that our home sold so quickly in such a terrible market, and so grateful to find to right professionals to help fix the problems with our house in such a timely and cost-effective matter. We feel like all of this has been nothing short of a miracle and I know that Lord was very present in all of it (teaching me some valuable lessons in the process). I feel like we are in the best place for our family. We are so grateful! But most of all we are so grateful to only own one house...and that it is the house we want!

PS If you want more details, just ask. I can post more about the "Agony of August" when I post pictures (my camera cord is in some unknown box).