Thursday, September 30, 2010

mmmm...looks comfy doesn't it!

My 92-year old Grandma Dearie fell Sunday night and broke her ankle. They couldn't set it correctly and so Tuesday night she had surgery on it. This whole ordeal has left her pretty weak and disoriented. As a result my aunt felt like it was important that someone be with her as much as possible. So Wednesday morning I took my turn sitting with Grandma. My sister-in-law Melissa was kind enough to take Grace and David for me while I was at the hospital. Apparently Davie wasn't going for a nap in the playpen so Melissa got him up and snuggled with him on couch. After a few minutes he decided to get down and wander a bit - this is where she found him next; out cold on her kitchen floor! Isn't that funny. She said he slept like that for about an hour!
As a sidenote: I think aging is a cruel joke - especially at 92! That is why I have decided that I going to take up sky-diving and bungee jumping around 85....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

good times in cali...

We had a GREAT time in San Diego this year! We rented a beach house with Scott's siblings and it was perfect. It was only four houses down from the beach. We had such a blast. Here are some of the highlights!
In Las Vegas on the way down - this at the Bellagio Gardens.

At Balboa Park. This was about as much of a family picture as we could manage.
All the Hill grandchildren - mine were not being cooperative.

Getting pedicures with my sis-in-laws. It was so much fun!

Adam playing with Dad and the uncles in the waves.

Mmmmmm...lots of ice cream!!!!

At the tide pools. Lily loves to strike a pose and Davie loves having his pigs in the water!
Davie and Cousin Eden. They are buddies. Callie and Brian need to be careful - I may come and steal her one night. I fell in love with her (and my other little niece Sarah).

Aunt Callie is amazing! She was doing all these fun jumps with the girls - this isn't even the best one of her - it was just the cutest of all three of them!
Flying Davie!!!!

Of course you have to smooch when you are at this statue! We tried to pose like them but I was just not getting it. Our way works better for us anyway...

This place had 99 cent fish tacos - they were tasty!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

picture time

Since clearly I am not on top of blogging on a regular basis, you will have to get these really long posts with tons of pictures. So here is what we have been up to .

Adam started soccer and quickly got bored once any kind of structure was introduced.
Windy day at the water park. It was still really fun - Gracie especially couldn't get enough of that big red slide in the background.

Mmmmmmm....salsa made with garden fresh tomatoes in all their wondrous heirloom varieties!

Seriously, the cutest baby ever!

Lily's first day of school. Isn't she cute!

We took the kids on a day hike last week. It was very uphill, but so beautiful. I think Gracie could have gone all day!

Gracie LOVED throwing rocks in the water.

Adam's first day of kindergarten. It was cold and rainy, but the rest of week was nice. He seems to be liking it.
Scott's birthday was on Wednesday! Lily made him this awesome birthday crown and he wore it proudly.

Davie's favorite spot to play! I find him here a lot.

Scott took the two big kids on an overnight backpacking trip. He said the hike was a little longer and harder than he expected, but the kids still did a great job. They all had such fun - but we missed them!