Friday, August 24, 2012


July was such a fun and BUSY month for us!

I toured the Utah Parade of Homes (Davis County) with Michelle and her friend Claire. It was so fun and I don't think I will ever miss it again. 

Then we went to Lagoon on Davie's birthday (July 5th). It rained, which was actually kind of nice because it was cool and no one was there. 

Then I went to St. George for a sister's trip - every couple years my sisters and I go on a little vacation together. St. George was a really great destination.

Then I hitched a ride to California with my sister Lisa and met up with Scott and the kids at his parents' house. Scott is amazing and drove out to California with the kids all by himself. They had a great trip. 

From his parents' house we went to the Northern California coast (specifically Mendocino) for his family's reunion. It was a BLAST. While we were there my Grandma Dearie passed away. I didn't find out until a day later because we had no cell reception and so no one get in touch with me. I got on Facebook and noticed my cousin had posted about her death. It was a sad way to receive the news about a woman who meant so much to me. I wasn't upset with anyone, just sad that she went at the worst timing for me...Needless to say I missed the funeral. Grandma Dearie was amazing I dearly dearly loved her. Maybe someday I will dedicate a whole post to her...she would deserve it!

Anyway, it was a whirlwind month full of good memories! Here are some pictures to highlight it all...

Ready for church on the 1st...I thought they looked so patriotic in Red, White, and Blue
I know this is blurry...but look at how handsome Scott looks (and Davie too)

4th of July Parade.....oh man, it was HOT!!!

Once in a while I do actually appear in a picture or is the proof. This family does actually have a mom.

Davie's third birthday!!!! 

I just absolutely adore this boy. I cannot imagine being happy without him.  It kind of breaks my heart that someday he will get big and leave.

Hiking in Snow Canyon with my mom, Jennifer, and was really neat.

The St. George Temple is really beautiful. 

Glass Beach in Mendocino. Super Cool.

Definitely the highlight of the trip for Adam (and the other kids) were the tide pools. 

We LOVE Grandpa seriously, my girls just adore him (and Grandma)

Sand Angels....

This pelican came and sat next to me for like 10 minutes. It was weird.

We went to these awesome sand dunes one day and Davie loved rolling down the big dune. Here is what he looked like when he came back up!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

summer fun

We have had a GREAT summer! Eventually I will download some pictures and come to share an update....soon. I promise!