Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm still alive

I haven't completely abandoned the just seems like it. Here's the latest and greatest from our family....

Friday, February 22, 2013 far

We celebrated Gracie's 6th birthday earlier this month. Oh how we love this little girl. She gets more and more fun with each year!

 Her Hello Kitty Bingo game has been a huge hit! They play ALL the time.
 I am one lucky mama

 The snowy cold continues...
 Spirit Friday!
Gracie's annual Valentines Day Cookie Party....the cutest group of little girls ever!

 Our trip to San Diego over President's Day much FUN!


 Sea Life aquarium (at Legoland)

 Adam's 2nd grade program; he was thrilled...can't you tell.


We had huge amounts of snow in HUGE amounts. 
Here is Lily and her cute friend Erin digging a tunnel in one of the big mounds of snow.

Lily had her fourth grade program in January. She was sooooo cute!

Grandma and Grandpa came to watch!

it's about time.....december update!

Good times from December.....
Gingerbread house making with the kids; always a good time!

Scott takes it very seriously.

The kids in their Christmas Sunday best. I think they are so cute. 

Exploring Christmas village in Ogden

Christmas morning!

DeLong Family Christmas party up at my sister's vacation home in Midway...they have a great sledding hill!

Grace and cousin Isabel

Adam was in heaven!

The Nativity. Adam was a Shepard (in a Jedi costume), Grace was an Angel, and Davie was a Wiseman. Lily was in the choir.

Oh, I love this little wiseman!