Thursday, July 29, 2010

my little soapbox...

Most people who know me well, know that I am incredibly opinionated. I actually really hate this characteristic about myself; sometimes I wish I could turn my brain off at about the point where I start developing opinions about things. I try to keep most controversial and offensive opinions to myself as I would like to continue having friends...

With that said I cannot hold it in any longer, I have two very strong opinions about some things that lately have been driving me crazy! First, it recently came to my attention that President Obama smokes cigarettes! Not just once in a while, but habitually; like on a daily basis! Is that not the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard? I have issues with smoking - I think it is disgusting, I don't understand the allure of purposely doing something to harm your body, and I can't stand the fact that smokers don't seem to have any respect for the air I am breathing (they seem to be so put out when you ask them to move out of the non-smoking sections - people, I can't breathe. Maybe I should start carrying around a can of yucky-smelling hairspray and spray it in their direction. Let's see how well they can breathe then). I think it shows a huge lapse in good judgement; plus I wonder how no one seemed to know this about the President when he was running for office. It seems to me that most educated people upon hearing that a candidate smokes on a regular basis would also thereby figure he must be an idiot and not vote for him. If you are going show poor enough judgement to even start smoking and then continue smoking into your mature years then I think you must be just down-right stupid! I know, that was the highly-emotional, opinionated Emily speaking...I will tone it down now. I try and not spew too much garbage out about the President; I think that is somewhat disrespectful (even though I really don't like him all that much), but in this case it infuriates me; especially since his wife's entire agenda is focused on healthy lifestyle habits for children. Well shouldn't her husband, the President, be the first to set a good example?! I mean, duh! Okay, I am done with this issue, on to the next.

This one really gets me; mainly because I see it as a problem everywhere. Littering! All through my public schooling years it was pounded into us that LITTERING IS BAD - basically the worse sin you could commit in society. Our society definitely frowns on littering, yet I see people blatantly littering ALL the time. About a year ago I was at a stoplight and in the car next to me the man cracked his window and out came an empty bag of chips. Oh but that is just the beginning. This was not your stereotypical person, the kind you might expect to litter or at least wouldn't be surprised if littered. This man was about 45-50, well-groomed, and driving an Escalade! What? I was baffled! Since then I have probably seen it four or five times; someone cracking their window and throwing out the trash - it makes me really mad. Have some respect, some decency. Where were these people when Mr. Wienburg (my 5th grade teacher) was talking to us about the perils of littering? It is the epitome of laziness. Almost as lazy as not even trying to quit smoking!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I keep getting asked what our big summer plans are. Well, here they are...they consist of just hanging around the house having a good time together...

This is the world's largest tent! We are going to a family reunion next year in Yosemite and we will be camping for several days. Because of this we decided that in order to not go crazy we would need enough space for all us. We bought this three-room tent last week and it is awesome. Lily and Adam slept in it Sunday night. They had so much fun having a camp-out on their own. Plus I was amazed at the fact that they weren't up at the crack of dawn...

Look who got a haircut! Doesn't he look so big? What a handsome little man; I just LOVE him so much!!!
The kids wanted to have a Toy Sale. So I gave them all the toys that are going to DI, Lily made a sign, and they were set. Unfortunately, despite their best effort they didn't have a great turn-out. I told them that maybe Saturday would be a better day for the sale....

Gracie's new haircut and the chocolate cookie residue on her face. Still she is as cute as ever!

After a while with no customers at their sale, Adam thought he would take charge of advertising Paul Revere style. He jumped on Lily's bike and rode around the neighborhood yelling, "TOY SALE TODAY!!! COME SEE THE TOYS...TOY SALE TODAY!!!"
Adam wanted to take a pic of Davie and me. And nope, I am not wearing any make-up; that is why I look ten years older...or just very ill.
Here's what $20 will buy at our house...hours of fun "swimming."

Monday, July 19, 2010

all aboard!

Lily asked the following question yesterday:

"Mom, when you go on a cruise does everyone dress like pirates?"

She had Scott and me laughing pretty hard. We told her that pirate clothes are optional...although, what do we know, neither of us has been on a cruise!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

good times galore

It has been a while. Here are some photos that chronicle our last few weeks...

We had a great thunder/lightening storm and look at the rainbow it produced. It was so beautiful.

We remodeled our front walkway and one day Lily came in saying there was a snake enjoying the dirt path leading to the door. It was a little creepy, but the neighborhood kids loved it.

The Fourth of July (the Third rather) was such fun. Here is Gracie having fun with a sparkler. We went to the parade in the morning, which is always fun here in West Jordan. The kids got more candy than at Halloween. The weather was perfect - sunny and a little cool. It was a great day!
Getting ready to leave for the parade.
At the parade
Davie was having so much fun waving this little flag around. It was pretty cute.

Davie's 1st birthday! July 5th is Davie's birthday and we had a great little party with the kids. I can't believe my boy is one - such a cute little guy!
Gracie was "helping" him blow the candles out - look how anxious he is to touch it!

I love this boy!
I just realized that these are out of order....oh well. Monday (July 5th) Scott didn't have to go to work in observance on Independence Day. So we decided it would be fun to find a little hike to go on. We went out west to the Oquirrh Mountains near the Kennecott Mine. We found the most beautiful little hike. I think Gracie would have walked all day - she was having such a blast! Adam wasn't quite as enthusiastic, but was a good sport.

After the hike we went up to the peak to look down in the mine - it was HUGE and so cool. I wish I had gotten a picture.

Here is how the walkway turned out. Doesn't it look pretty!