Thursday, February 26, 2009

a new era...


You are the best. Thanks for being so dang awesome and funny! You seem to liven up any event. And thanks for holding on to your twenties for as long as possible so that the rest of us can still feel like our family is somewhat young (of course I have been turning 29 now for a couple years - and it feels great). Oh, one more thing, now that you are getting a little older, "don't go chasin' waterfalls..." (I fully expect a performance of this tomorrow at our party).

So, as an interesting side-note to anyone who cares...this is the beginning of a new era for our family. Renee is 29 now and in August Lisa will be 40 (sorry Lisa, I hope you don't mind that I just told everyone). That means that this year my parents will have children whose ages span three decades. Weird...

Friday, February 20, 2009

my crystal ball

My crystal ball is showing that I have a vacation (sort of) coming to me soon. Yesterday I signed up for Women's Conference down at BYU. When I went last year I went alone (which was actually really nice) and I came home each night. This year I am leaving Wednesday night and staying in the dorms until Saturday morning. Renee, Michelle, and Melissa (my sister-in-law) are all coming with me. I am pretty excited - two and half whole days without doing dishes....

Now before you all come rushing to my house to use my crystal ball, I should come clean and tell you that I don't actually have one...sorry.

P.S. Did you notice on my pregnancy counter that I am 20 weeks today - YEAH; I am half way done!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

so clever

So my blog is turning into Lily's personal art gallery. She is just really clever. Here is a Batman mask she made for Adam (I know it looks a little creepy - but isn't Batman a little creepy anyway) and a neat top for her Barbie.

The Barbie top is made out of paper tha tshe colored. Then there is a ribbon for the belt. Pretty clever...

Friday, February 13, 2009

don't you just love love? and curls...

Today, of course, Lily is having a Valentine's party at school. She and I were very crafty and made the cutest Valentines. The heart is made from Lily's fingerprints.

Last Saturday night I put sponge rollers in Lily's hair. Scott was so intrigued by the whole process and thought it was funny that girls sleep in them - apparently his sister didn't use these; or he just never noticed. Lily looked so pretty in the morning. My camera wasn't working first thing, so this is a picture of her after church.

Because neither of us love crowds; Scott and I have decided to go out tonight for Valentine's Day rather than tomorrow. It should be pretty fun - he is taking me to a Middle Eastern restaurant that he really likes. Good times! I am mostly just glad that after seven years I still really love my husband; I think that is pretty cool!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it's a........


I apologize for the obvious censored shot of his ah-hem; I promise I am not trying to be crude.....but honestly it was the best of the ultrasound pictures - the rest just looked a little alien.

Adam is totally thrilled and Lily started crying when I told her. Apparently she has really liked having a little sister and one brother is plenty. Oh well, you can't please everyone. I am really excited and I am so happy that he is looking good and healthy.

P.S. Scott made me change the picture to this one with a BIG censor box covering the part that actually shows he is a boy. Oh well, this is probably less offesive.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

poor peeps and YEAH grape...

Apparently Adam thinks he has found his calling in life - he wants to cut hair. Or maybe it is just a phase (I am inclined to think the latter). The other night I heard a strained Mr. Peeps cry from the basement. In my laziness I ignored it. Later when I went to tuck Adam in bed I was a little confused as to why my scissors were on his bedroom floor. Again I chose to ignore it (after I told him to quit taking my scissors and then I took them with me upstairs). So later that night Scott and I were working on probably the hardest puzzle I have ever attempted - another story for another day - when we looked down at Peeps and noticed something funny about his fur. Was he suffering from a strange hair-loss disease? Had he been in a terrible cat fight? No and no. Upon closer examination the answer was found - Adam had tried to give him a haircut! After putting all the clues together and finding a lot of cat hair in Adam's closet we solved the mystery - that naughty boy. It was a good thing he was already asleep, otherwise I think Scott would have had a difficult time not getting very very very angry with him (I think Scott likes Mr. Peeps more than Adam sometimes). Scott and I talked about it and decided to talk to Adam about it in the morning and start taking a toy away forever when he disobeys (if he thinks there is a chance he will get it back then he won't care if he loses it or not). He doesn't love this form of discipline, but.....none the less, two days later I found a big chunk cut out of his own hair. AHHHHHH, when will that boy learn?!!!? He had to hand over two toys for that. Needless to say I have hidden ALL the scissors in the house and the Toy Jail is filling up quickly! Not to mention poor Peeps looks terrible...

In other, much happier news, we celebrated Little Miss Gracie's birthday on the 3rd. She turned two and I can tell you she acts like it. We love Grace - I sometimes think the only reason she was sent to me is to bring happiness and sunshine to my life. No one can make me laugh like her. She also has the strongest will of anyone I have EVER known. I think it will be a good thing for her in the future...