Wednesday, May 26, 2010

all girls are princesses and lily knows it

Emily: Girls go and clean your room please.

Both girls: Uhhhhh
Lily walks/stomps into her room; Grace goes in and starts to walk out again.

Emily: No no Gracie, you need to go clean your room.

Grace: No!

Lily (from in the bedroom): Graaaace! Princesses clean up!

Well said Lil. Now if she would only listen...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Davie,

You remember that little stomach flu you kindly passed onto me? Well, keeping your poop in the diaper would be super appreciated right now. Thanks a bunch.


Friday, May 21, 2010

tragedy strikes!

All of my children have done this, but Gracie has taken it to the next level! What is the crime? Self-grooming, by way of the scissors!!!!

On Wednesday I went and had my hair cut and colored. When I came home everyone was full of ooooh's and ahhh's. Naturally Gracie was maybe feeling a little out of the limelight and probably thought I looked awesome, so she said she wanted her hair cut. It was the busy time of day; you know, the time when you are trying to get dinner going, homework done, and everyone is running around like little maniacs. So when she said that I just blew it off with a, "Oh Gracie, I will trim your hair tomorrow." And that was that...I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER.

About 20 minutes later Gracie appears in the kitchen looking like this (I am thinking she has a secret desire to be in a 1980's chick band)!

She had given herself a mullet. Not just a couple of nice little snips like Adam and Lily had done at this age - she cut everything up front. I tried to trim the back up a bit so it will look less mullet-ish, but it still looks terrible. Renee thinks I should take her to a salon and have them give her a pixie cut. I am not convinced. As beautiful as she is, she does have a chubby baby face and I am thinking a pixie cut may not be flattering on her (oh man, do I sound vain or what). But then again, a mullet is not too flattering either....

Good thing hair grows!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wow, look who thinks he is soooo BIG!

Is he not just the cutest thing you have ever seen!?!?!

Look how proud of himself he is! Clearly it was laundry day...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it is time for some privacy...why do people have to be such dorks?

I am afraid it is time to go private.

I keep getting comments from different porn sites - mostly Chinese (they have a translation button that I used and what is being written is NOT appropriate). It is really starting to bother me. I hate to think of who is looking at my life. It used to not bug me, but it has come to the point (after this most recent disgusting comment) that it really annoys me now.

So, if you would like to still view my blog (all two of you out there who still read it) please leave a comment and your e-mail address if I don't already have it. I am going private on the 20th.


Monday, May 10, 2010


Davie is cutting his top two teeth. He is actually being pretty pleasant - it can't be comfortable. When they are in I will get a nice toothy picture to post. He is such a little cutie! Here is a picture from last month of him that I just love!

Friday, May 7, 2010

mother's day garden fair

Tomorrow I will be selling my Soap Star Mom products at the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District's Mother's Day Garden Fair (WOW, that was a mouthful). It should be a pretty fun event; first it is free, which is always a plus, also they will have a climbing wall, live entertainment, good food, a balloon artist and clown, garden-themed workshops and demos, and a bunch of vendor booths. We have gone in the past and it has always been fun. So if you are in the Salt Lake region on Saturday May 8th come on down. It is just down the street from my house; the address is 8215 South 1300 West in West Jordan. It is will be going from 9 to 5. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

just what the doctor ordered

Wednesday afternoon my oldest sister Lisa (in green coat) flew in from California to go to BYU Women's Conference with me. We drove down and stayed in the dorms and met up with my other sister Jennifer until Saturday. The Lord really knew I needed this - He seemed to direct me to the exact classes that I needed. This is my fourth (I think) year going and this was the first year that every single class was great. In the past it is always hit and miss; there will always be a dud, but not this year. I came home feeling like I can do this whole "motherhood" thing and this whole "life" thing in general. I am so grateful for those few days I had and all the wonderful things I knew but had to be reminded of. I loved hearing the testimonies of so many people who have struggled, survived, and continued to smile - it was a GREAT event!

Thank you Lisa for making the great effort to come with me and thank you Jen for driving back and forth from Springville (next year you should just stay with us in the dorms); I could not have asked for better Conference companions!

As a sidenote, I went to Wal-Mart today with the kidlets and amazingly enough they behaved themselves. Miracles really do happen!!!!