Friday, February 26, 2010

and life continues...

Being mom is tiring (and hard, and frustrating, and depressing, and just hard again) at times, so I guess it is pretty good that I take cute pictures of my kids so that I can have that little pick-me-up I need every now and then...
And despite the down times I occasionally have, I sure am grateful to be doing this whole "mom" business.

Adam is snacking on some peanut butter. He tried to tell a joke yesterday that wasn't funny really, but it made me laugh nonetheless. Here goes: "What happened when the alien crossed the road? It got hit by a car!" Not really funny, but oh, how I was laughing at the time...
Doesn't this look cozy....Mr. Peeps apparently likes to sleep on a slanted roof. What a strange cat!

She wore this Cinderella dress ALL day, even when she went out to ride her bike...

Monday, February 15, 2010

back up and running....sort of

Our computer is still slower than tar, so we are thinking we just need a new (used) one. In the meantime I have some totally awesome pictures (maybe a bit of an overstatement) and the lowdown on Peeps.

Isabel brought Grace a life-size Strawberry Shortcake balloon for her birthday. So fun!!! Gracie wore her Jasmine pants all day...she doesn't even know who Jasmine is.

Baby Lucy (Renee's baby)

Such the cutest boy!

Happy Birthday to my Gracie, who still insists on being two.

Adam wanted to take a picture...maybe we need to have a lesson on lighting.

Clearly someone is a rough sleeper.

You know, if you are ever feeling down a good snuggle with a life-size balloon will always do the trick!
Seriously, how darling is that face!!!!

It is a blessed day when they start holding their own bottle.

A few weeks ago Peeps shows up with some patches of hair missing; we figured he had been maimed in a fight (he thinks he is a lot bigger than he really is). Well the patches of missing fur turned into his whole back side with little blood spots. He was constantly grooming himself to the point where he had no fur left. Worried that maybe he had some disease or fleas we wouldn't let him in the house until we found out what was going on. He did NOT like that. He is totally spoiled. Well, last week I had to take him to the Humane Society for his rabies booster and I had the vet there look at him. He said that there was excessive grooming going on because Peeps is stressed. He advised that we take him to a full-service clinic and have him looked at. He would probably need a cone and some kitty Prozac. What!? Should I find a therapist as well? I mean, I would hate to have a depressed kitty. Seriously. I am not the kind of person who will medicate my depressed cat. I was sort of wondering if I could just slip him some Whiskey in his water dish. That ought to mellow him out, right! So I got home and called a clinic by my house. They set me up for an appointment for today. Scott was luckily off work and kindly took him in. It turns out Peeps is not depressed or stressed (who could be depressed living with me!), he has a rash. So the vet gave him a shot and said it should be cleared up in two weeks. What a relief! I guess I can bypass the liquor store....

Monday, February 8, 2010

it's not my fault...i promise!

We have had the lovely MISfortune of owning an old PC for these many years. I just love frugality and I love that my husband is the main instigator of it, but I have decided that owning an old PC for frugality's sake is just dumb - I waste a lot of time waiting. Let me explain...

I haven't blogged for a while not because I have nothing to say; on the contrary I have a lot to blog about. Gracie had her third birthday, Davie cut his first tooth, Peeps (I hope) is dying, and we are actually having a sunny day. I haven't blogged because we have spent the last week and a half completely cleaning all the JUNK off our computer. We have a backup computer, so we have been taking all the important files off this computer and saving them on that one so that we could completely erase everything from this one and start over. Why would we do this you ask (good question). Because our computer is so bogged down with viruses (despite the fact that we have anti-virus software; what a scam) and is so old that it was running at a snail's pace - we may as well have had dial-up. Actually I think dial-up would have been faster. Well, Scott figured that it would be a good idea to try and salvage this computer before we bought another one (which, I should inform you would be another old, used one - thank you frugality. Scott I love you and I know that that statement will inevitably start a fight - sorry). The idea of trying to save this one is a nice thought, but boy has it been a PAIN IN THE NECK!!!!!! So all my files are still on the other computer and I have just started to move them over - did I mention what a pain this has been. I hate PC's and I can't justify spending the money for a Mac.

Anyway, so there is my very long explanation as to why I haven't blogged in a long time. As soon I get back up and running, I promise I will post something - maybe some pictures of Gracie Lou! That always cheers me up!

P.S. I know it was mean to say that I hope Peep's is dying; but oh man, that is the most high-maintenance cat I have ever met and now he has some strange disease and his hair is falling out - I am taking him to the vet tomorrow and I am hoping they tell me he has some terminal illness. Isn't that terrible of me...I actually do like animals, I have just decided I like them at the zoo or someone else's house.