Friday, March 27, 2009

18 holes

Adam is so funny! I bought the cutest little plaid shorts at Target the other day for Adam (which I was sure Scott would scoff at, but to my surprise he seemed unfazed - maybe he is getting used to the quirky way I dress our children). So just now I asked Adam to come and try them on. Okay, they looked adorable - but here is the funny part; as I was having him model them he says to me (you have to say this in a high-pitched "Adam" voice in order for it to be truly funny),

"So Mom, are we going to go golfing now?"

HA! These shorts totally look like those nerdy golfer shorts - it was hilarious. Especially because Scott is NOT a golfer, so I am not sure where Adam has even learned about golfing and the attire that goes with it. I just love that boy!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

love it!!!!!

One of my biggest woes about life is that it isn't really like a musical. I think it would just be the BEST if people would just spontaneously break into song and dance. Dont' you think the world would be such a happier place! Here is proof that spontaeous music and dancing bring a smile to everyone's face (and there should be more of it).

This is from my friend Heather's blog - I just couldn't resist; mostly becuase I totally echo her sentiment - why doesn't cool stuff like this happen when I am around!!!

P.S. You will need to go down to the bottom of my blog and turn off the music - it isn't as good with "Suddenly Seymour" playing in the background - go figure...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

mr. peeps has competition

...for our attention.

For my birthday yesterday we visited the local IFA and bought some chicks. We figured in these times of economic crisis we ought to do all we can to prepare ourselves and chickens seem like a good step in that process. Plus I have been wanting chickens for a long time. We got five little chicks, all less than a week old. They are so cute! We need to keep them in the house until May and then out they will go into the stellar chicken coop that Scott is going to build. Mr. Peeps has been very interested (in eating them) and keeps trying to reach into the box to "play." One little chick, Kermit, is pretty ready for a fight and keeps pecking at his claw (Adam named him and he doesn't seem to care that she is a girl). One day Peeps may not be so brave about harassing them. It has been fun and we are excited to enjoy fresh eggs in a few months.

Friday night we met up with Eric and Darren and their girlfriends Kim and Tia for Thai food in Provo. It was soooooo yummy (Thai Ruby in Provo is the best Thai food in Utah) and so much fun to visit with them all. I forgot I had my camera until after Eric and Kim left, so I only have Darren and Tia in a picture with us.

Then last night Michelle came over for cake and ice cream - I don't like to go out on my birthday; I really hate all the undue attention and cheesy waiters singing bad renditions of "Happy Birthday." It was fun and my cake was super tasty (I made it, so of course I liked it!). All in all it wasn't bad turning 29 again.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

five months and the kiddos

So I am five months along - please ignore the fact that I look really tired in this picture; it had been a long day. Mr. boy is starting to make his presence known with little kicks and turns; I always love it - it reassures me that he is still there.
In other totally awesome news...don't you just love it when your kids get along. Here is proof that mine actually do like each other from time to time. Here they are looking at a "look and find" book together and watching "Strawberry Shortcake" in Lily's bed together. They are pretty cute and I just love them to death!

Lastly, I just love Gracie's faces. She has an entire collection of funny faces, but the bottom one is my fav (along with her smiling face, of course).