Tuesday, September 15, 2009

adam the unintentional humorist

Here is another one to add to the collection of funny things Adam says...

Adam: What? Dad, what?

No response from Scott (he was thinking about something else)

Adam: Dad...what?

Scott: Oh....what?

Adam: What Dad, what did you say?

Scott: I didn't say anything.

Adam: I didn't say anything either!

How about that for an Abbott and Costello conversation....I still laugh about that one and it happened like a week ago.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

...and such

We went to Antelope Island for the Hot Air Balloon and Kite Festival. Overall, I was pretty disappointed for several reasons, but the balloons were amazing (I plan on writing a letter to the organizers to suggest ways to make it a better event).

We saw a bunch of bison - this was one the first we saw.

On Labor Day we found out that Home Depot had shrubs on sale for $2.50. So we headed down there and bought some, thus adding a bit of beauty to our front yard. We have shutters on order to go around our big bedroom window in the front. And Scott is going to make me some planters for under the two front windows. Hopefully when it is all done and the plants have grown in a bit it will look really nice.
On Monday we went up to my parents house and picked a bounteous amount of peaches and grapes (and some corn). We have begun canning peaches, our favorite, and grape juice making will commence shortly....mmmmm....

The latest discovery is that there is a hummingbird nest with two baby hummingbirds in our Aspen in front. We had noticed that there is a hummingbird always buzzing around that tree and yesterday we finally discovered why - her nest is there with her babies. Now if we can only keep this information from Mr. Peeps then all will be well...he is a killer lately.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

happy birthday to my scott

Yesterday was Scott's birthday! He requested a pie for his birthday instead of cake. I know how to make pie, but it really isn't my speciality. So in light of that, I think yesterday's pie turned out pretty great (it was a berry pie, with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries); the crust was even flaky.

I am so incredibly grateful to have Scott. I was thinking about it this morning, and except at night when he is half asleep, he is the most selfless man I know (he has a hard time waking up at 2 am and being coherent - so basically I can count on him not helping with the baby at night; which is okay, except on the weekends when I could really use a little sleep). He would do anything for me or the kids. I don't think he realizes just how grateful I am that he goes to a job everyday that he doesn't love and has sacrificed so many of his own dreams so that our family can live a comfortable life. He is such a fun and kind person and we LOVE him so very much! Happy Birthday Scott (hopefully your present will come today in the mail...).