Friday, August 12, 2011

buddies...of all sorts

Davie is a friendly guy!

Here he is with cousin Lucy...they are buddies (unless there is only one mom around; then they are fierce competitors for that mom's lap)

Davie loves Kitty; whom he has affectionately named KiKi - he is trying to say Kitty just comes out sounding like KiKi. The other kids call the cat Neptune. Poor cat is totally going to have an identity crisis...after all no one seems to call him the same thing! He is a sweet cat who likes to snuggle and is very patient with Davie. Although, he is not as patient with the other three kids...he kind of ignores them. Maybe he senses that Davie is sweet and would do him no harm, whereas Adam lives to play "tricks" and loves to hold him. No cat likes to be held like that!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

great times

We had a great visit with Scott's parents in July. They stopped on their way home to Sacramento from their mission in Slovenia. It was an extra treat to have Darren and Tia and their darling baby Grayson come as well (Darren is Scott's brother). Plus we were even able to talk Eric (another brother) into spending the night a couple times too! It was a fun house full of people.

Here is Adam serving as the entertainment for the night...water noodles down the pants are always a hit!
Oh, I just realized that Dave has his eyes closed in this picture...none the less you can see what a handsome bunch they are. Here are Dave and Dana with three of their six children. Darren, Eric, and Scott (Scott is the oldest and the most handsome...)
Isn't my sister-in-law Tia amazingly beautiful!? And she has an eight month old baby! And on top of it all, she is the NICEST person. I am lucky to have three wonderful sisters-in-law (Callie and Karen are just as beautiful and wonderful as Tia).
It was such a great week with them here. We can't wait to see them all again. Thanks Mom and Dad for making the effort to come and see us!