Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh, the Fun we have

Lily decided her wings would make lovely headwear. I have to agree - she does look very stunnung.
I finally caught Adam smiling nicely (rather than whining or pulling some face).
And, Grace, of course, is just being cute.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Amazing Grace

The other day Gracie was knawing on my finger and low and behold I felt a tooth! She isn't even five month old yet. She has been a truly amazing baby - smiling, rolling, and now teething MUCH earlier than my other babies. Niether of the other two got teeth until they were about eight months old. Wowzer!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away!!!

Holy Canoli! Today is June 24th and it has been raining ALL DAY!!! Man this place stinks. We actually thought about starting a fire. How pathetic. So we are in the frantic race to get our house up for sale - if you know anyone who wants a house in the Seattle/Tacoma area then we have the house for them - ours is pretty swanky. I thought I would post another picture. It isn't as current as I would like since Scott lost the cord to our camera - you know, the one that downloads the pictures onto the computer. It is a good thing he is dreamy....

Friday, June 15, 2007


This is my lame attempt at a photo shoot with the kids. Yeah, I'm not a photographer. But you must admit they are pretty FAB!

And so it begins.

Well, I folded under the pressure and decided to go global. We are now bloggers (is that a word?). Because I rarely read other people's blogs - too much reading - I have decided to keep this short. So here is our story in a very small nut shell. I'm Emily, a.k.a. Queen of the universe (my universe). I'm married to Scott, who is totally dreamy. We have three kids - Lily, the Princess of Sass; Adam, a.k.a. Tubby Goo; and Gracie, little miss Shoebox (she is shaped like she came out of one). They are pretty rad. Okalee Dokalee, I'm off - until next time. Adios.

Oh, and P.S. - I don't speak Spanish!