Saturday, January 30, 2010

i know, i know....

I am always posting Adam's funny remarks, but I just can't help myself. My life is just that boring that I get my kicks from a 5-year old. Here is the latest and it is a doozy:

Adam: Mom, go faster (we were in the car)
Emily: I can't, I will crash into the car in front of us.
Adam: Then you would be dead?
Emily: Well, I guess that could happen.
Adam: Mom that would be bad...(I am thinking how sweet that is) because then Dad would get really mad at me because he would think I made you dead! (What!? So much for how sweet that is)
Emily: How about that would be bad because then who would be your mom!
Adam: Oh, Rachel would be my mom (she is the 16 year old babysitter and I am pretty sure she isn't Scott's type).

Thanks Adam; it is nice to know that I could be easily replaced and the only reason you don't want me to die is because Dad might blame you...I thought we bonded!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

grace hill fashion inc.

Ahhh, my Grace certainly has an eye for an outfit. Check out these little morsels. I fully expect her to open her own fashion line someday; after all her name just sounds so design-y....

{Snow hat, purple heart shirt, light cotton pants with navy blue and pink stripe skorts on top, Adam's socks upside down (notice the gray sticking out of her shoes) and her sparkly shoes (on the wrong feet).}

{Hot pink shirt with purple hoodie, Adam's clip-on tie (she has really taken a shining to that tie), blue ruffle skirt, jeans (which you can't see).}

AND yes, she did actually go places in these outfits. I have quit fighting her when it comes to what she wears. Her cute blue eyes will always make her look adorable no matter what she wears (I do actually put my foot down on Sundays; but typically she will wear whatever I want on Sundays because it is a dress).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ghost rider and a little girl for sale...

Adam is on a roll today...he has been saying the funniest things all morning.

Adam: Mom, that car in front of us is probably a ghost car.
Emily: Oh really?
Adam: Yeah, I bet a ghost is driving it...

Emily (under my breath): Darn that Gracie...look at this mess.
Adam: I think we need to sell her away; maybe the Browns will buy her.

Adam: Mom, when will Davie have some teeth?
Emily: Anytime now.
Adam: Right now?
Emily: Maybe....
Adam: No, no, don't say 'maybe', say 'we'll see' (in Adam's mind maybe means "no" and we'll see means "yes")

Monday, January 18, 2010


I have been working on the finishing touches of the girls' room now for months, and although I not yet done, I have finally finished Gracie's G's. I feel a little bad because I think they turned out way cuter than Lily's L's (which I did a long time ago and my personal style has changed a bit). I may end up re-doing some of the L's (I am such a perfectionist darn it). All in all, their room is turning out to be so cute! Now I just need to finish the curtain for their closet (no doors to pull off - hooray) and find a pretty and artsy black and white shot of them to blow up and hang over the dresser (Heather, where are you when I need you?).

As a sidenote, Scott says I am totally obsessed with monograms - I think I may actually agree with him. Oh well...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

fort scott

Scott built a pretty cool snow fort/igloo on Friday with the kids.