Friday, April 25, 2008

100 - wha hooooo!

So I have finally reached my 100th post. In true blogger fashion I am going to list 100 things about me - most of which you probably don't know. Brace yourselves, here goes...
1. I always wanted green eyes and thought my brown eyes were boring. I like them now.
2. I think it is ironic that I married someone with green eyes.
3. I never really wanted children. I wasn’t one of those teenage girls who just adored babies. In fact, I figured that because I am a good Mormon woman I would have two (maybe three) just to do what I was supposed to. Now that I have kids I am planning on five. I like them (most of the time).
4. I actually really like being a stay-at-home mom and don’t miss the workforce at all.
5. I didn’t think I would get married a day before I was 27. I was so convinced of this that I actually made a bet with by brother-in-law about it. I still owe him a steak dinner. I actually got married at 23. Boy was I wrong.
6. Scott says it was love at first sight when he met me. I always think that is nice.
7. Scott and I only dated for a little more than four months and were engaged for six weeks. It was fast, but seemed perfect for us.
8. I LOVE musicals and music in general
9. I LOVE to sing
10. I have only taken about a year and half of piano lessons yet I can play almost every hymn in the book.
11. I really love pizza…well, I love food in general
12. I think people are lying when they say that exercising gives them more energy. There was a time in my life that I was working out for about 3 hours everyday (not 3 hour consecutively) and always felt just as tired as when I wasn’t working out. If anything it just makes me more tired.
13. I have lived in the U.S., Taiwan, Ghana, and South Africa and have visited countless other countries (they aren’t countless, I am just not going to list them all).
14. I really like hanging out with my sisters.
15. We don’t watch television and people are always so amazed when I tell them that Scott and I visit in the evenings. I don’t think it is weird for a married couple to talk.
16. I have a major sweet tooth. This will catch up to me someday.
17. I started playing softball when I was seven. I played competitively until I got married. I really miss it.
18. I went the Brigham Young University
19. That is where I met Scott
20. While at BYU I played six different intramural sports. I loved it!
21. I was on the 10-year plan in college, but graduated in 6 ½ years (in my defense, I had a double major).
22. Everyone asks where Grace got her light hair and blue eyes from…well, I was blonde as baby and both my dad and Scott’s dad have blue eyes. So, she really is ours, I promise.
23. I sucked my thumb until I was nine. My parents finally got me to stop by bribing me. I wanted a tetherball court in the backyard – sure enough when I stopped my dad made it happen. Needless to say, by the end of that school year I was the tetherball champ at school.
24. I never had braces. My teeth just went back to normal after all those years of thumb-sucking.
25. I am the only person alive (besides Scott) who thought Hawaii was terribly over-rated. What a huge disappointment – we will probably never go back (here I am showing you the view).
26. I am real perfectionist when it comes to decorating my house.
27. I think it is important to eat dinner together every night. Scott is really good at being supportive of this.
28. I have sung a number of solos in my life and I still get nervous every time.
29. I have secretly always wanted to be an author (well, I guess this is no longer a secret).
30. I love to travel
31. I have a cross-stitch that I started in 1999 – occasionally I get it out and work on it. It still isn’t finished. Someday…maybe.
32. I am very opinionated. I wish so much sometimes that I could just do better at keeping my mouth shut. I am getting better.
33. I got the idea for all three of my children’s names from movies; Lily is from What about Bob, Adam is from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Grace is from Return to Me. NOTE: Lily’s real name is Liliana, after my mom, I got the idea to shorten it from the movie.
34. I have abnormally short toes and fingers. I am 5’8” and my hands are the same size as my sister, Lisa, who is almost 5’5”. And my toes look like they have been cut off at the knuckle.
35. When Scott and I were dating he told me that I had a J. Lo butt, and this was supposed to be a good thing. Note from Scott: This will probably be taken out of context for everyone who reads it. I really was trying to be nice.
36. I love beautiful fabric, paper, and ribbons.
37. I have a habit of buying dishes. I really love a pretty plate to eat on.
38. I am not a morning person or a night person – I am sleep person. I like to go to bed at a reasonable time and get up at a reasonable time.
39. I learned to water ski and snow ski at a very young age. I think I was five when I first snow skied and seven when I first water skied.
40. I hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro with my cousin Erika – by far one of the best and hardest things I have ever done. I cried when I reached the top.
41. I have always wanted a tattoo, but will never get one because I would be overcome with guilt.
42. I hate dreaming. My dreams are very seldom pleasant. They are either frustrating, weird, scary, or confusing. I would really just rather not remember them.
43. I love spending time with my family and Scott’s family
44. Speaking of which, I have always felt really blessed because I genuinely love my in-laws.
45. I love funky clothes
46. I really really can’t stand salesmen. I feel like they are always trying to pull a fast one and never have my best interest in mind. That always ticks me off a little. If I know I am going to encounter one I have to give myself a pep-talk beforehand so that I am not rude to them.
47. I have a nose for a bargain – I seem to stumble onto the best deals on the coolest clothes.
48. I never went to Prom – I got asked, but didn’t go (it is a long story and has nothing to do with the guy who asked me).
49. I sang (a solo) on national television – O.K. it was Ghanaian National Television….but still, it was a solo on national television.
50. I was in the Jr. Miss Pageant in high school and didn’t win (although I totally should have). I did win Miss Congeniality though! I guess it was a pretty good consolation price. Besides we moved to Africa 3 months later, so it probably wouldn’t have worked out.
51. I still love Barbies… and I love that I have girls because it means I can buy them Barbies
52. I really like to cook – it is a great creative outlet for me.
53. I started driving (legally) at 14. We lived in Idaho and you can get your permit there when you are 14.
54. So, I have been driving for 16 years and have only had one speeding ticket and never an accident. I have even driven in other countries where they drive on the other side of the road – and in a stick shift vehicle. Yes, I am amazing!
55. My parents flipped a coin to decide what to name me. My mom wanted Erin and my dad wanted Emily. Luckily Emily won – I don’t hate the name Erin, I just like Emily better.
56. About my birth – I was a “blue baby”, meaning the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. When I was in grade school I used to tell my friends that they had to be extra nice to me because I almost died when I was born. Oh brother!
57. I really like to read. Some of my favorite authors are C.S. Lewis, Agatha Christie, Alexander Dumas, and Harper Lee
58. Some of my favorite books are To Kill a Mockingbird (I LOVE Atticus Finch), The Count of Monte Cristo, and The Hiding Place.
59. I love anything pink and/or glittery or sparkly.
60. After the kids go to bed every New Years Eve, Scott and I have sushi and listen or watch the fireworks.
61. Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner is crepes. Everyone likes them and I don’t want any fighting that night. Oh, and am I talking crepes with fruit, crème, syrup, and all the good stuff. Mmmmm.
62. I have a really familiar face. Almost weekly someone will tell me I look like someone they know, or ask if I am related to someone, or ask if I have met them before. I am not kidding – this happens ALL the time and most of time with complete strangers.
63. I get told I look like basically any actress (or athlete) with brown hair. Here are a few I have gotten: Neve Campbell, Kate Beckinsdale, Sandra Bulloch, Claire Danes (in her younger days), Nancy Kerrigan, & Jamie Salay (the previous two are both figure skaters).
64. I love clean laundry and the smell of clean laundry.
65. I rarely cry anymore, which is weird because in high school and college I was like a faucet. Sometimes I think something is wrong with me because at times I can hardly drum up a tear – even at the most appropriate times!
66. I am a huge klutz
67. I have a great sense of direction. I rarely get lost and when I do I still have a general idea of where I am.
68. I have no problem asking people for help. This used to be hard for me until we moved to Washington and I realized that sometimes you have to depend of other people.
69. I am a lot more laid-back mother than I thought I would be. Some battles just aren’t worth fighting.
70. I love love love sunny days!
71. Someday I would like to own a beach house.
72. I was involved in everything in high school. You name it and I was probably the president of it (or at least a member). I loved high school.
73. I love a new box of crayons – so much so that I almost hate giving them to the kids.
74. I know how to surf. In fact Scott and I go on a surf trip every year with a bunch of friends – it is such fun.
75. One of my favorite things is having a mate (ma-tay) with my family. Note: This is an Argentine drink.
76. I think it is the greatest thing that we have a living prophet. Sometimes it hits me how amazing and wonderful this is and I so grateful for it.
77. I am Miss America every year for Halloween (even when I am pregnant - I was pregnant with Grace in this picture).
78. I don’t mind going to movies alone – in fact, sometimes I prefer to go alone. Although, once when I went to a movie (“One Fine Day” I think) and I forgot I was alone and started whispering something to the “person” next me. It took me a minute to remember that there was no one there. Everyone I know thinks this is weird, but if you think about it, it really isn’t. The movie doesn’t change and people really shouldn’t talk during the show anyway. So doesn’t it make more sense to go without someone?
79. I have personal space issues. It used to totally bug me at BYU how every time I entered Relief Society some cheesy girl would run up to me and give me a big welcome hug. I am really good now at avoiding hugs from people I don’t want hugs from. NOTE: If you are a person that hugs me, don’t worry… if you have been successful at hugging me in the past then it usually means I was okay with it. I have a similar phobia in large crowds.
80. I really like the movie Three Amigos. I could watch it over and over and laugh every time. Truly a classic.
81. I was married in June on the most perfect California day ever.
82. I LOVE popcorn and ice cream (not usually together though).
83. I don’t trust beauticians – I have yet to meet one that does a great job on my hair.
84. I have been wearing the same pair of glasses since 1999. I would get a new pair but 1) I don’t have time, 2) I have hard time making those kinds of long-term decisions.
85. I still wear my wedding dress occasionally and it fits (although, not quite as well as it used to).
86. There are six kids in both mine and Scott’s families. The funny thing is however, that in my family there are five daughters and one son and in his family there are five sons and one daughter.
87. I have taken four years of Spanish and have a fluently Spanish-speaking mother, yet I hardly speak a word. I would give anything to go and live in a Spanish-speaking country for year just to pick up the language.
88. It bugs me when people ask if I speak a language – I always say, “Yes, I speak English, which happens to be a language.” And I speak it very well I should add…
89. One of my dreams has always been to be the voice of a Disney character.
90. I love little bird statues and figurines. There is something graceful and delicate about them.
91. I love graduations. Maybe because mine felt like such a big accomplishment and I remember those feelings every time I attend one. I actually cried at mine – I was so proud of myself.
92. Speaking of my graduation from BYU; when I graduated my family kept saying they were amazed I made. They didn’t think I would actually get there. Ha ha…
93. I love to give people hand-made cards. It is very satisfying.
94. I hate doing taxes and avoid it at all costs.
95. I love a beautifully made bed.
96. I think plastic surgery is great in moderation and I don’t view it as being any different than getting braces (only usually it is cheaper than braces). If it is okay to fix your teeth then why wouldn’t it be okay to fix your tummy or your thighs for example. Although I do think it is very possible to go way overboard.
97. I can’t stand moving – mainly because I hate packing.
98. I the only one of my siblings not born on one the days beginning with a 20 in the month. They are all born on the 20th, 23rd, 26th, 27th, and 28th of various months. I was born on the 7th.
99. I hope to someday do a triathlon.
100. This was the hardest list I have ever written.

all the pomp (and circumstance)

Today I attended the BYU graduation of my brother-in-law Brian and his CUTE wife Callie. It was such fun to be there and be a part of the day with them. The graduation itself was really good until the passing out of the diplomas - that part was a snoozer since theirs is the largest college comencement on campus; it took forever. Afterward we snapped some pictures and then met up with Scott and my father-in-law, Dave, for lunch. Now they are on the road with Dave and on Tuesday they fly to China. They are spending 10 weeks in S.E. Asia.

We will really miss them. Callie is an answer to my prayers. I was the only Hill in-law for five years before anyone else joined the family and I couldn't have hand-picked a better sister-in-law. Callie and Brian are seriously the two nicest people and I will really miss having them just down the road (so to speak - they were in Provo). Congratulations you two. We love you and will miss you!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

bat pat

Lily made a cape for Pat Peanut that "is like Batman's" (refer to "Lily's Best Buddies" in August 2007 if you would like to learn more about Pat Peanut). She took a plain piece of white paper, colored it all black except for the small part that she colored yellow. I thought it was very clever. I have appropriately named him BatPat! So watch out evil villains, BatPat is now caped and dangerous.

michelle ROCKS!!!!!

Today is my older sister Michelle's 35th birthday. So, in honor of her I am going to list the top ten reasons why I love Michelle (I would list 35, but my in-laws are coming into town and I still have some cleaning to do...).

10. She taught me the all-important lesson that if you've got it, flaunt it (or at least accentuate it). When I was in junior high and she was in high school, I was eating breakfast one morning. She was leaving the house in the shortest pair of cut-off shorts I had ever seen. I asked her why she was wearing such short shorts (knowing our mother would not approve) and this was her reply, "Because I have great legs and I want everyone to know it." Needless to say I immediately went and shortened a pair of my shorts. My mom wouldn't let me leave the house in them. Dang it!

9. We shared a room all growing up and she never made me feel like it was her room and I was just a guest there. I am five years younger and much more annoying - I can see now just how patient she truly was all those years.

8. She is really the BEST housekeeping I have ever met. Her house is always spotless - seriously, always spotless.

7. She is always trying to be a better person, whether it be spiritually, intellectually, or as a mother.

6. She is a very easy person to be with. I really enjoy spending time her.

5. Even though she doesn't do this much anymore - she used to make the best desserts.

4. She is an amazing decorator. She is just one of those people that seems to have an eye for style. Speaking of decorating - you should see her house at Christmas. Think of any beautiful picture you have seen in a book or magazine of a room at Christmas time. That would be her home times 100. It is amazing!

3. She is very thoughtful and very generous. She will help me with my kids anytime.

2. Speaking of my kids, they love her and they love going to her house. I think all the nieces and nephews feel that way.

1. She is the greatest sister. I was wondering once if I would be friends with my sisters if they weren't my sisters. I can tell you that even if Michelle wasn't my sister, I know I would still be friends with her.


The above pictures are from a little lunch that my sisters had for her today. It was so yummy! (Lisa, we wish you could have been there)

Sunday, April 20, 2008



All I have to say is that if you are dumb enough to wear these then you probably deserve the pain that goes along with them...

P.S. Apparently these are all the rage in Japan right now. I wonder if they will catch on in Milan...Oh brother!

what a mess

Well, Adam has done it again. He has gone far beyond my expectations of just how dirty a little boy can get in one afternoon. Even covered from head to toe in dirt (and a little chocolate pudding around his mouth) I still think he is the cutest little guy ever!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I just want to write a quick post to brag about Scott. Today, if you are not aware, is April 15th - a.k.a. Tax Day!!!! Uhgggg. I am so proud of Scott, not only did he get our taxes done early (well, took them to get done), but the money is already in the bank; and well before the deadline. Isn't that great!!! I am really proud of him. What a STUD!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

my latest project

I saw a picture of the cutest shirt online for little girls. The design looked so basic and I figured I could just copy it. I haven't finished it yet and after getting it on Lily I have decided to make it a little sun-dress. I still need to hem it and finish the neckline, but so far I think it is super cute. The next one I make I will turn into a shirt (the design is a little different on that one). I am also making one for Grace. When I get them all finished I will post pictures.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the arbor day foundation would be proud

We received a necterine tree from my parents the other day and decided to plant it today. The kids were very interested in why I was digging a hole in the yard. I told Adam I was trying to get to China - he believed me and repeated it to anyone who came around. Then they thought it would be very adventurous to sit in the hole (it was all of about 12 inches deep...whoaaaaa). Anyhow, we got the tree in and I am now really anxious for fresh necterines. Mmmmmmm.

I know it looks like Scott is digging the hole. But really I did the majority of the digging. When he came over he put a few final touches into it.


"Does this onesie make me look fat?"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

i need a break!

So, some of you may notice that I haven't blogged this week - nor have I posted what we've had for dinner recently on the other blog. I needed a break. For some reason (actually I know exactly what the reason is) I just haven't felt motivated this week at all. I am usually pretty good about keeping a tidy house, making beautiful dinners, grocery shopping, bathing the kids, etc, etc, but not this week. My house is a mess, I haven't made a real dinner since Monday (we had french toast last night, does that count?), I did what you might call grocery shopping yesterday - most of what I bought was junk food...oh and some milk, and I think the kids have only had one bath this week. I guess I had better let Over-Achievers Anonymous know that I may not qualify for membership any longer.

I guess my only consolation during this whole "off week" is that there is always next week and the messes will still be there and the family will still need to be fed. So I have a chance to redeem myself. Maybe (in true over-achiever fashion) I won't wait until next week to start anew, I will start tomorrow. We'll just have to see how I feel in the morning......

P.S. The above stated "reason" is that it is the middle of April and it is still cold (really cold) and cloudy and I don't think I can take it anymore. I need to go on vacation to a, make that a hot, very hot, sunny place.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

all in a day's work

My sister Michelle has come up with a great system for teaching your children how to work hard and participate in household chores. She is selling them online. I have some and even my children (who obviously can't read) do them. It has been really great and we really like them.

the tent

I set up the kids' tent this afternoon. Rather than just play in it they have spent all afternoon dragging their toys up from the basement to the tent. Oh well, at least they aren't watching T.V.


Today my sisters and I got together to make a bunch of freezer dinners. All in all, I ended up with 19 meals that I have frozen. Normally I really like to cook dinner, but once in a while I am tired and so this will be a good break from ordering pizza. I forgot my camera, but I did get a picture of the end result. It was such fun hanging out with them for the day and I just may do it again (I was pretty sceptical).