Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here is what Adam and Lily would do all day everyday if I let them. Unfortuately I can't sit out on the front steps all day to watch them...

Grace would spend all day in the back yard and more specifically the sandbox if she could....

This is what I do all day...although I definately wouldn't choose to if I had a choice.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

fun with grandma chickens

Scott's mom was here this weekend for his cousin's wedding. The wedding was Friday during the day. He had to work so I went alone and had such a nice time seeing all his aunts and uncles (and his mom, of course). I really like his extended family so it turned out to be a fun day and the wedding was very lovely. The kids had such a blast seeing their grandma and even by the time she left Gracie started to warm up to her. We had such a nice time.

Monday, May 19, 2008

mama called the doctor & the doctor said.....

Actually mama took Adam to the doctor and the doctor said, "oh, that's not ring worm - it is just exema!" So that is good news. I just need to make sure his skins stays hydrated in this dry climate. As for the terrible rash on his bumb; well wouldn't you know it is just a really terrible diaper rash. Probably because he poops so dang much.

Ok, so now to report on the potty progress. Well there is actually progress being made. He is slowly figuring this thing out. I am just so happy that it is finally sinking in. Any day now I will be making the big announcement that he is in BIG BOY UNDIES!!!!!

the ladies man....

I know I just blogged about Adam, but the funniest thing happened just a little while ago.

I was cleaning up after breakfast when I all of the sudden hear screaming and fighting in the basement. Adam had taken Lily's marble (or "narble" as she calls it) and she wanted it back. I called them both upstairs and began to explain to them that neither of them would get the marble. Lily wouldn't get it because she was screaming at Adam and Adam wouldn't get it because he unkindly took something from someone else. Lily asked if she would ever get the marble and I told her that after they show me that they can play nicely then I would give her the marble back. Of course Adam also wanted to know when he could have it. As I was explaining all of this he was slowly coming closer and closer to my face (I sitting down with them). Then he would cuddle him little cheeks up to mine. He was totally trying to get out of trouble by snuggling up to me and it almost worked! This little guy knows me well and he knows just how much I adore him and how much I adore his hugs and cuddles. What a stinker! He is very cute though, and I wouldn't trade him for anything (even though it seems like I make a weekly trip to the doctor for all the weird things he seems to contract - this week it is ring worm....gross; by the way it isn't really a worm at all).

In the end....I was strong and overcame the tempation of those huge brown eyes and his sweet kisses on my cheeks. I kept the marble and they are playing much nicer now. I am VICTORIOUS!!!!!

shaving already?

Yesterday while Scott was shaving Adam came into the bathroom. In true Scott-style teasing he thought it would be funny to smear shaving cream all over Adam's face. Adam didn't like it all. When Scott started "shaving" him (using the back side of the razor) Adam started warming up to the idea. I thought it was pretty cute.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

i am a mom

It took several takes to finally get a decent shot......

Happy Mother's Day to me! I love being a mom. It is hard and I get so frustrated sometimes, but overall, I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else in the world than with my three little darlings!

I had a delightful day. The weather was perfect today and the kids have been so cute. They wish me a Happy Mother's Day almost hourly. Other than feeling a bit under the weather (and getting no sleep because of it) and presenting my worst Gospel Doctrine lesson yet, it has actually been a really nice day. Scott got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and he made waffles this morning as per Lily's request. What a fun day for me.

Also, I want to tell my mom that I think she is the BEST mother ever and I love her so much (she is on a cruise right now and probably won't ever read this...). And to my mother-in-law - I couldn't have been more blessed than I am to have you as my other mom. Thank you both for being such great examples of mothers. I love you!!!

fun in the sun - finally!

On a warm day last week I pulled the sprinkler out and the new bathing suits and the kids ran around the yard. It was so nice to be outside.

Friday, May 2, 2008

whoa - look at the herd of women!

Yesterday and today I have been attending BYU Women's Conference (I am going a little later today). I have never seen so many women in one place in all my life. I was feeling a little overwhelmed and started to long for some men. Besides that, I had a great day yesterday. This is the first time I have attended and I have been really pleasantly surprised. Plus I have been able to visit with some new people and make a few friends. And the bonus, I have had a two day break from the my job. Yesterday a sweet friend on mine took the kids all morning and part of the afternoon (thanks Stephanie!) and today Scott has taken the day off work. What fun! I am going again next year, for sure... if you want to join then you are more than welcome.