Friday, February 22, 2013 far

We celebrated Gracie's 6th birthday earlier this month. Oh how we love this little girl. She gets more and more fun with each year!

 Her Hello Kitty Bingo game has been a huge hit! They play ALL the time.
 I am one lucky mama

 The snowy cold continues...
 Spirit Friday!
Gracie's annual Valentines Day Cookie Party....the cutest group of little girls ever!

 Our trip to San Diego over President's Day much FUN!


 Sea Life aquarium (at Legoland)

 Adam's 2nd grade program; he was thrilled...can't you tell.


Callie said...
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brohill said...

You are a choice family. We love you very much!

Heather said...

Emily! It is so fun to get caught up on all of the fun things you and your family have been doing! And, by the way, I'm LOVING your cute short hair! You are a total babe!!!!!!